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Long Cove Texas

"Remarkably Accurate" LiDAR Data

Long Cove is a lakefront community less than 90 minutes from Dallas, Texas. With six miles of shoreline, the builder needed to carve the land adjacent to the lake to create a remarkable 1,000+ acre community. Ten years ago the builder hired a manned aircraft to collect low density LiDAR data. The builder was impressed with the data, but as they progressed in their construction of the community, they needed an up-to-date and detailed contour map of the land.


  • LiDAR point cloud

  • Contours

  • QA/QC ground control report​

  • 4 days flying, 5 days processing

Deep Dive

Aerial Insight Services was at the job site four consecutive days to capture the data. This job required flying multiple times a day at different locations around the lake. Just a few days after flying the land we delivered an extremely accurate contour map of the land.

More than a year after delivering the LiDAR data and contours to the customer, we called them up and asked for feedback. The Design Engineer for Long Cove was extremely pleased with the data provided. "We loaded the contour map into our CAD program and we use it every day. The data you produced was significantly better than the data we received from the manned aircraft LiDAR. It is remarkably accurate."

We were pleased to be able to make such a big difference to the construction of beautiful Long Cove!


The LiDAR data produced was remarkably accurate. We could see the contours of the piles of landscaping dirt.

Design Engineer for Long Cove

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