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Aerial Insight Services provides comprehensive training.

  • Aerial LiDAR data acquisition,

  • LiDAR data processing, 

  • LiDAR360,

  • Land surveying,

  • Utility surveying,

  • Forest Inventories,

  • And more

Learn from Indiana Drone's Harrison Knoll and the professionals at Aerial Insight Services.

We are the chosen trainers of:

  • GreenValley International

  • Phoenix LiDAR

  • Ameren Missouri

  • And many more

Learn how to accurately and efficiently capture and process LiDAR data from the team who has flown 1,000s of LiDAR missions for customers all around the world.


In our three day course, you will learn the following:

  1. UAV piloting with LiDAR

  2. LiDAR equipment specifics

  3. Define control points and how they contribute to data fidelity

  4. Pre-flight mission planning

  5. Practical data collection and best practices

  6. Importing LiDAR data into post-processing software

  7. LiDAR data processing techniques

  8. Creating deliverables

Remote Training Now Available!

Group Training

This is the most economical training option. In three days in beautiful Denver, Colorado you will go through intensive training at our facility.

$6,000 per person


Our trainer will come to your location and train up to 10 people in a personalized and individualized training.



To register, please take the time to fill out the information below.

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