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Land Lidar Survey

Vegetation Removal: Contours, DEM, and more


Unmanned LiDAR has enabled the creation of ultra dense LiDAR datasets.  Due to the controlled flight from multi-rotor drones we can consistently acquire high-density LiDAR data, with densities on average of 50 points per square meter.  In addition to the flight control from programmed flight planning the choice in LiDAR sensor changes the results from your survey.  At Aerial Insights we only use the best, and the best is Riegl.  Our Riegl sensor uses a powerful laser that has enough power to penetrate even the most dense vegetation and reach bare earth.  The miniVUX LiDAR sensor measures up to 5 returns from each laser pulse.  From the high-density LiDAR data our post processors remove all buildings, vegetation, and classify the bare earth.  From the bare earth a number of useful results can be delivered to our clients.  The most important is a clean Digital Elevation Model (DEM) from the DEM we can generate engineering contours, aspect models, roughness, and many more data products.

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