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Landslide Mitigation

Precision Data Leads to Greater Safety

Aerial Insight Services was contracted to deliver precision LiDAR data for the Missouri Department of Transportation. This data is being used to accurately measure new landslide mitigation and monitoring techniques. Our data will help save lives and property.

  • Riegl MiniVUX LiDAR

  • DJI M600 Pro
  • EMLID Reach RS2 Multi-band RTK GNSS Receivers

  • LiDAR point cloud

  • Orthomosaic

  • QA/QC ground control report​

  • 10 days

Deep Dive

Currently there is an active slow-moving landslide in the Ozark Mountains, near Branson, Missouri. Aerial Insight Services and our partner are monitoring the movements of the landslide for a minimum period of 12 months by mapping the surface and subsurface. If proven effective Missouri Department of Transportation could deploy the monitoring techniques to specific “problem areas” around the state where similar landslides may arise.

In June, 2020 we arrived onsite with the Riegl miniVUX LiDAR sensor, DJI M600 Pro and two EMLID Reach RS2 Multi-band RTK GNSS receivers. There were no known GNSS located points on the property so we started by finding a good place to set up our base station. 

We used one of our Reach RS2 GNSS receivers as the base station. Once it was setup we let it collect data for over four hours. Then we set up a series of aerial targets:

Once our ground control points were measured, then it was time to fly.

The goal of this mission was to get as many quality LiDAR points as possible in a relatively small area. We'll be measuring this same location several times over the coming months. This will give very detailed measurements of the landslide area over time. In order to capture the data, we flew low and slow over the target area with the M-600.

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